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At Vermont Irrigation, our goal is to provide our customers with efficient and maintenance-free lawn sprinklers.

Our underground sprinklers are designed for commercial, residential, and garden applications. We carefully plan each individual sprinkler system to get the best results for your grass, shrubbery, and garden.

  Save Water   Our systems are engineered for uniform coverage at a specific precipitation rate (in./hr.). Therefore, some areas will not remain dry while others are drenched.  

  Save Time   These systems are totally "hands off." Once the clock is set, it is completely automatic. A rain sensor, included free of charge in every installation, interrupts the preset watering cycle when it rains - saving water and preventing over application during wet spells.  

  Insurance   Ensure that your landscape investment will receive the correct amount of moisture - whether on not you can spare the time.  

  Appreciation   An irrigation system raises the appraised value of your property  

  Convenience   Your activities will never be interrupted by dragging a hose and moving a sprinkler. When you are away on vacation, your yard will always be freshly watered, lush, and green.  

  Cleanliness   Trenchless pipe installation with a vibratory plow. When digging is necessary, all dirt is laid on plastic. After cleanup, little evidence remains.  

  Components   We select and install only the highest quality products. Our selections are based upon technical merit, durability, and user friendliness.  

  Experience   Our system designer has over fourteen years of experience on hundreds of commercial and residential systems.  

  Individuality   Our systems are designed to meet your specific landscape needs. We design systems only after examination of your soil type and dimensional requirements. Our systems deliver exactly the right amount of water for your soil type. Never too much to leach out precious nutrients - never too little.  

  Documentation   Each system is fully documented with an "as built" diagram.  

  Guarantee   Our suppliers guarantee their products for two years. We offer a total system guarantee of three years, provided winterization and start-up services are performed by Vermont Irrigation.  

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