Vermont Irrigation Automatic Underground Lawn Sprinklers


Once you give us the opportunity, we will draw up a contract and set an project date. The total installation process can usually be completed within one day.

For safety, we will check and mark underground utilities before any digging begins, and will explain all important information to you. This will include the location of the piping, the rain sensor, and the controller.

We are licensed to make any plumbing connections necessary to the main water source, and the installation of the back flow preventor.

The pipe will be installed using a Ditchwitch pipe puller. This is a state of the art machine that will "pull" the pipe underground with almost no disturbance to the existing lawn. Using this method make digging a trench for the pipe unneccessary. The only digging will be where the spray heads and valves are located. If minimal damage should occur, we will completely repair and re-seed the small area.

All sprinkler heads will be joined to the water line with connections that allow the head to move if the pipe or head is run over by equipment. This type of joint will also allow the heads to flex without damage if the ground freezes and thaws.

All valves will be burried in access boxes flush with the ground surface.

After the installation is complete, we will show you how to operate the automatic controller. This will include a hands-on tutorial regarding automatic, semi-automatic, and manual watering cycles. We can also advise you as to the correct spray cycles for your specific lawn needs. Once the controller is set, you can begin to enjoy a care free season of precise irrigation to your lawn or garden.

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