Vermont Irrigation Automatic Underground Lawn Sprinklers


At Vermont Irrigation, we use only the best products from Industry-leading manufacturers in our sprinkler systems. We tailor these products to exactly suit your individual landscape needs.

Hunter Industries:
Hunter sprinklers, spray heads, valves and controllers are engineered for maximum water efficiency. Gear-driven sprinklers apply water slowly, so it can soak into the soil without run-off.

Their precision engineerd nozzles apply water to your lawn evenly, preventing ugly brown spots. The spray heads have adjustable arcs that keep water on turf and plants, but off sidewalks, building walls, and even in small irregularly shaped areas. Controls feature sensor capabilities to prevent overwatering. You can select "no water" days, extra watering cycle, and change watering schedules to match seasonal changes with the touch of a button.

Rain Bird:
Rain Bird spray heads, rotors, valves and accessories have been used in irrigation systems since 1935. Rain Bird is extremely committed to the intelligent use of water. It is their mission to design and manufacture only those product of the highest value and quality.

Irritrol Systems:
We use Irritrol "Rain Dial" controllers because of their convenience and simplicity. They offer outstanding schedulling flexibility with three independent programs, up to nine start times per day, and station timing using different timing incrrements.

Their unique modular design make service fast and easy, plus a snap-out control panel offers contractors the convenience of remote programming. These controllers are easy to install, easy to program, and easy to service.

Netafim precision irrigation products include dripperlines, spray stakes, and hanging sprinklers. Netafim's system uses slow, low flow drippers that wet the baskets evenly. Plants love it. This represents a new generation in water and fertilizer efficiency. We can find the exact irrigation solution you'll need in Netafim's extensive product line!

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Vermont Irrigation Automatic Underground Lawn Sprinklers
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